Tulsa News Director to be Bumped Up

Yesterday, FTVLive told you that Cox had moved WPXI (Pittsburgh) News Director Mike Oliveira to their Boston station. 

Oliveira's move to WFXT in Boston was a surprise to no one. 

The question is, who takes Oliveira's spot in the Burgh?

Rumors are swirling that WJAX (Jacksonville) News Director Bob Longo might be headed back to Pittsburgh. Longo worked across the street at Hearst owned WTAE. Could he be returning to WTAE's competitor?

Longo was at Cox's corporate headquarters pressing the flesh yesterday. 

The other name that we hear will defiantly be moving,  is KOKI's (Tulsa) Suzanne Nadell. Word is that Cox is big on Nadell and has already quietly started looking for her replacement in Tulsa. 

So, don't be surprised if Nadell jumps from T-town to the Burgh. 

There is no doubt that Cox will be moving her shortly up the food chain, we just don't have a definitive answer as to where just yet. 

But, you can bank on the fact that she will be out of Tulsa very soon. 

Stay tuned....