Oprah of the South has been Sacked

You may remember the short lived show on TrueTV that was called "Breaking Greenville".

The show was about how two stations in Greenville, Miss covered the news. It was awful and it was soon canceled. 

In the opening episode of "Breaking Greenville," WABG News Director Pam Chatman proudly reveals the fact she is referred to as "the Oprah of the South."

Well, "Oprah" no longer has a job and she isn't the only one. 

Sources tell FTVLive that Commonwealth Broadcasting Group, which owns all the stations in Greenville is getting ready to combine the operations of both WAGB and WXVT.

It is expected that many will  lose their jobs since their duties would be duplicated.

WABG GM Sherry Nelson Sales Manager Mandy Reid and News Director Pam "Oprah" Chapman have been cut and more are expected.

It's a good bet that the combined stations will work out of the WABG studio since they have been spending some money remodeling over there.

Stay tuned....