Adding More News in Portland

WMTW in Portland, Maine says that starting in September, they are going to add another newscast.

WMTW claims that they are launching the state’s first 4 p.m. local newscast on Sept. 6.

The move is part of a trend toward afternoon newscasts around the country, said Amy Beveridge, the station’s news director.

A trend that WMTW is showing up a bit late to. 

“We knew this was a great opportunity for us, with a population that goes to bed early and rises early,” Beveridge said.

The station claims the new, hourlong 4 p.m. newscast will be fast-paced, like a morning news show, Beveridge said.

Top stories will be recapped at 4:30 p.m. for viewers just tuning in, and breaking events such as news conferences will be aired live during the newscast when they happen, Beveridge said.

Ohhhh a fast paced newscast that will air news conferences. Wait! Can you be fast paced and air news conferences? 

I don't think so.....

H/T Portland Press Herald