A Cup of Coffee at NBC's Today Show

When NBC brought in former ESPN executive Jamie Horowitz to shake up the Today Show, he didn't last long enough to see Al Roker poop his pants.

Horowitz had big plans for Today, but he lasted just 78 days before he was sacked and never was able to put his plans in place. 

Horowitz is now running the struggling FS1 for Fox Sports and again he has some big plans. It also appears that he will be at the a bit longer than his NBC experience. 

Horowitz spoke to the Hollywood Reporter and discussed his cup of coffee time at Today:

Q: The biggest lesson learned after being fired from NBC's Today after a 78-day stint?

A: When you join a company in a senior position, it's very important to understand how much change the company wants and how fast they want it. There was probably a disconnect in that regard.

Q: What did you like/dislike about morning TV?

A: This may sound surprising: I had a largely positive experience. I enjoyed the people I worked with. And it's OK to say that in life and certainly in business, you can have positive experiences that end badly, and that doesn't make the positive experience all of a sudden negative.

Horowitz says that he wants to make FS1 the Fox News of sports television. 

You know....minus the sexual harassment and the spying. 

Read the full interview here