Sinclair Tightens Security

A memo went out to staffers at Sinclair stations from CEO David Smith. 

The memo, obtained by FTVLive was about security and changes be made. The memo comes on the heels of an an incident at WBFF in April when a man entered the lobby of the station, claiming to have a bomb. He was shot by police after a long stand off. 

"NEVER admit anyone to the building who is not an employee or authorized visitor," Smith writes in the memo. Smith wrote the same exact line in the memo again, saying he "cannot stress this enough."

Smith said there were incidents where people were allowed to wonder the building unescorted and that staff has held the door so strangers could enter. 

He said that the incident in Baltimore was a traumatic incident and, "I want all employees to learn from this - know and follow security procedure,"Smith writes. 

He is asking the Sinclair General Managers to conduct security training at each station.