Backing the Boss

Minutes after word broke that former Fox News Anchor Gretchen Carlson filed a sexual harassment suit against Fox News CEO Roger Ailes, FTVLive said this:

"if we go by the typical Fox News playbook, look for other on air talent to tweet, post and comment about what a great boss Ailes is. Anytime Ailes has been attacked, his Anchors and hosts have rallied around him. If they don't this time, it could look really bad for the FNC boss."

That is now starting to happen. 

Speaking to The Daily Beast, Greta Van Susteren says this about Carlson's lawsuit, "This one’s wrong, based on my experience. The facts I know are that this is not the Roger Ailes I’ve ever heard about or seen.” Van Susteren added: “People talk. You hear a lot, and I never heard this. Frankly, I’ve got to tell you. You know me. I’m pretty bold. If I heard that, I’d probably say something to Roger. I haven’t anything to lose. If I didn’t do this I’d go teach at law school. I’m not a wilting flower.”

Others inside Fox News are starting to speak up and stick up for Ailes. Reports show that their are some employees that are saying that they have been harassed by Ailes was well, but so far all of those have remained anonymous. 

As for Carlson, she waited until she lost her job before suing Ailes.

"Gretchen was not well liked inside Fox News," says one Fox News employee that did not want to be named. 

As for Van Susteren, she backs Ailes. “I have no reason to curry favor with Roger Ailes. I can assure you that there’s nothing Roger can do for me or against me. My contract is with the corporation. I’m not trying to get a new one.”

You can expect other Fox News on air people to back the boss as well. 

Carlson's lawyer has come out with guns blazing and seems intent on dragging Ailes down publicly, long before this goes to court, if it ever does. 

It's almost as if Carlson's lawyer is playing FNC's game on them.

For the people that dislike Fox News, this is like Christmas in July. 

There is no doubt that Ailes is injured, no matter how this turns out there will always be whispers wherever he goes. 

There is no doubt that damage has been done. The question is, did he deserve it?

We'll see if this ever gets to court, so we can find out. 

In the meantime, look for more anonymous sources to pile on and more Fox News staffers to come to Ailes defense as this case gets tried in the media, long before it goes to court.