Ailes: Gretchen Carlson was Dumped Because of Low Ratings

Former Fox News Anchor Gretchen Carlson says that she was fired after refusing FNC CEO Roger Ailes sexual advances. 

Ailes, says that her contract was not renewed because he ratings were low and it is as simple as that. 

So, which side should be believed? 

Carlson's legal team says her ratings are up 33 percent year to date. But now they seem to be backing off and trying to spin those numbers. The bottom line is with it being an election year and the Donald Trump circus, every cable show is seeing ratings increases. 

Carlson's show has been one of the lowest rated shows on Fox News. In June the show lost to CNN. 

Her legal teams says that after she was yanked from Fox and Friends she was put in a time slot, where she was destined to fail. The truth is, she took the time slot that Megyn Kelly had, and Kelly was able to succeed enough to make the shift to prime time. 

If, Carlson's legal team has Roger Ailes dead to rights, they need to stick with that and stay away from ratings, it's game they will not win. 

The biggest red flag in this entire lawsuit, is and remains, that Carlson did not take legal action until after her contract was not renewed. 

That is the one part of this that really sticks out. 

If Roger Ailes sexually harassed her for all these years, why wait to take action? 

That is THE biggest question and one that will surely be asked over and over again as this lawsuit move forward.