Fox Atlanta Station to Shake Up Morning Show

FTVLive FIRST told you yesterday that Fox O&O WAGA in Atlanta has hired a new Anchor for their morning show. 

Of course, The FIRM hates when FTVLive breaks stories about their stations long before they are ready to release the news.

FTVLive has learned that WPLG (Miami) Anchor Constance Jones is headed up to WAGA to work on the station's morning newscast. No word yet if Jones is replacing someone or is an addition to. One source thinks that Jones will be stepping into the role of longtime WAGA Anchor Karen Graham. But, that is yet to be confirmed. 

Jones has been in South Florida since 2008 and is not expected to make the trek north to Atlanta until October (now you know why The Firm is so mad FTVLive leaked this info).

At WPLG, Jones is the Traffic Reporter during the morning newscast and co-anchor of WPLG's News at Noon Monday through Friday.

In the meantime, The Firm will continue to try and find out how FTVLive continues to get information about their tight lipped operation, instead of just reaching out to us. 

The other good news, you will have to the Fall before FTVLive puts up the "We Told You So...." story about Jones moving to the A-T-L.