Out the Door in Seattle

A Seattle Reporter is leaving the station after 2 years.

KIRO Reporter Nick McGurk, joined the station in July of 2014 and will be leaving the station next month when his contract comes up. An internal memo from KIRO News Director Jake Millstein was sent to the staff and obtained by FTVLive:

A congratulations to Nick McGurk for a couple of things: he got married and he & his wife are expecting a new child.
Nick has decided to get closer to family.
We wish him and his family the very best.
I’m sure he’ll let us know how he’s doing on social media :)
His last day is Aug 12.

JAKE MILSTEIN | News Director | KIRO 7

Sources tell FTVLive that McGurk has been driving as an Uber Driver in his spare time. So, I guess this is officially a thing now for TV news people.