Journalism at its Finest....Not

Often times men look at attractive women working in TV news and make the chauvinistic comment that they were hired only for their looks and not their brains. 

Fortunately, most women working in TV news, do well to dispel that myth, by being professional and reporting the news like a pro.

Then there are the others.....

Like Marcy Jones & Danielle Miller at KSAZ the Fox O&O and in Phoenix. These two do everything they can to play up the bubble-headed bleach blonde stereo type. The two selfie almost everyday they work together, using captions like "Foxes of Fox" and "Blondecast Journalism."

It's like Malibu Barbie and her not as cute sister, Skipper are trying to set female Journalism back 15 years each and every day. " I trust no one more with my officer involved shootings and black lives matter coverage," said one FTVLive reader sarcastically about the not so dynamic duo. 

The selfies and playing up the blonde bobble head does nothing for their credibility and is a smack in the face of women that are serious Journalist.

Ann Bishop just rolled over in her grave.