Donald Trump's Twitter Bashing of the Media

This weekend, FTVLive was working in the backyard, my neighbor's 4 year old kid had a couple of friends over and they we calling each other names.

Doo-doo head, liar, stupid and big mouth were some of the names they were spewing out at each other. It was typical 4 year olds, acting just like 4 year olds. 

When we went inside and logged onto Twitter, we saw the same kind of 4 year old name calling, but this time from the guy that wants to be President of the United States. 

We know that the 4 year olds will eventually grow out of the name calling, as for Donald Trump, he's 70, so we're guessing not. 

Trump not only bashes his opponent, he has bashed almost all the electronic media and the people that work there. 

The New York Times looked at the hundreds of people that Trump has bashed on Twitter and most work in the media.

Here is some of what he has said about the news organizations (who by the way cover Trump everyday and often rollover for him) and some that work there on Twitter: