Trump is in, Ailes is Out

Last night at the RNC a roll call vote was taken and Donald Trump was declared the Republican nominee for President of the United States. 

461 miles away in New York City, Roger Ailes was walking out of Fox News for one of his last times. 

No one, could have predicted this a year ago. 

Many inside Fox News thought that the only way Ailes would be leaving the network, would be feet first in a box.

Ailes is in the final stages of a separation agreement that will have the only CEO Fox News has ever had stepping down. 

It all started when Ailes decided not to renew the contract of longtime Anchor Gretchen Carlson. Carlson hired an attorney and shortly after being pushed out at Fox News, she filed sexual harassment charges against Ailes.

Her lawyer came out with guns blazing and Ailes was on his heals from the first punch. Even then, people expected their to be a payoff and that Carlson would go away rich and life with Roger would go along as usual at Fox News. 

But, more women came forward and talked about being harassed by Ailes. FTVLive spoke with a woman yesterday that said, "Roger Ailes sexually harassed me." Many women were saying the same thing and some were saying it to the lawyers that worked for 21st Century Fox, the company that owns Fox News. 

One of those was Megyn Kelly and that was the nail in the coffin. No longer did you have a "former disgruntled" employee making those claims. Now, you had one of FNC's biggest stars saying that he boss sexually harassed her. 

A proposed seperation agreement between Roger Ailes and 21st Century Fox was leaked online.

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 6.56.52 PM.png

The document, if true shows that Ailes will walk away with a lot of money and be covered for what happens in his lawsuit with Carlson. 

While Ailes will walk away rich, he still will have to walk away. You will not be able to pay Roger Ailes enough to repair a bruised ego. The thought of leaving Fox News in disgrace has Ailes fuming mad and although he won't admit it, surely embarrassed. 

The loudest voice in the room as fallen awfully silent.

The end of an era is coming to Fox News, just has Donald Trump's campaign for President ramps up. Who would have ever predicted that?