Fox News Convention Staffers Don't Want to Speak About the Ailes Situation

Fox News staff covering the RNC convention will talk to you all day about Donald Trump, the GOP and the convention itself, but don't dare ask about what is happening with Roger Ailes?

The Huffington Post tried to get some reaction from FNC staffers at the convention about the "Ailes is out" reports.

“No. God, no,” correspondent Carl Cameron said. “You got to go through media relations.”

Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume declined to comment, while Juan Williams told HuffPost Monday he’d just heard about the report and didn’t know anything about it. 

Fox News contributor and veteran political operative Ed Rollins said it wasn’t his place to comment on what 21st Century Fox should do. Ailes is “my friend and I wish him well,” he said.

Only one Fox Newser would say anything and it was Geraldo Rivera (imagine that?), who when told of the Ailes report, replied “No way,” Rivera said.