Where Did Objectivity Go?

You know how much I hate saying, back in the day" but back in the day, newsrooms were full of objective people. 

When I think back to the days working in newsrooms, I could have never told you my co-workers political leanings. Everyone just went out, tried to find both sides of the story and reported it, without interjecting their opinions.

There was no social media back then obviously, but even if there was, I don't think many would be sharing their personal beliefs.

Many newsrooms claim to be objective in their coverage, but it's not true. how can it be, when their bosses are so open with their own political views on social media.

Let's look at some tweets from KMPH (Fresno) News Director Jim Turpin:

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 6.49.59 AM.png

It's interesting that if people don't believe the stuff that Turpin does, he calls them Sheeple. He seems to think there is a conspiracy with the government and ISIS and that NBC is ok will sacrificing a few athletes. No word if Turpin worked for an NBC affiliate, he would have tweeted the same thing. 

Now, if it is OK for the News Director to tweet stuff like this, can his Reporters and Anchors do the same?

Also, do you think his staff reads his tweets? Of course they do and it's likely that they cater their comments and stories knowing how he feels. The trickle down on something like this can run through the entire newsroom. 

Let's head to the East coast and WTTG General Manger Patrick Paolini. Here are some of his tweets: 

Again this is a GM of a TV station. 

When I worked in TV news (back in the day) I always registered as an Independent and never told anyone how I voted.

Now, even the bosses just tweet it out. 

This is why people no longer trust the media. The partisan crap started by the cable networks has filtered down to local TV and it is slowly spreading like a cancer. 

TV bosses need to preach to their staff to cover both sides of a story a remain impartial. And some of those TV bosses need to delete their social media accounts ASAP. 

Now GET OFF MY LAWN! I'm  starting to feel older and older everyday.