Jay Leno Crash was a Dud in the Ratings

When Jay Leno was taping for his show Jay Leno's Garage, he rode with legendary stunt driver Bob Riggle, Riggle accidentally flipped the car that he and Leno were driving in. CNBC thought with something so dramatic, they could milk it into big ratings for the network. 

But, they made a big mistake. The vide was uploaded to YouTube before the showed aired. When FTVLive found out Leno was in a crash, we went to YouTube and watched the video. 

Jay Leno's Garage crashed in the ratings for CNBC, The show was lower than 500k viewers and down from the season 1 average, despite the fact that they had great material. 

The problem was, by posting the video to YouTube before it aired, many people watched it there first and had no reason to tune in. 

In fact the YouTube video has over 4 million viewers, while the showed pulled less than 500,000.

CNBC should have waited before posting the video, I can assure you the ratings would have been much better. 

BTW- If you haven't seen the Leno crash video, here it is: