Howie Kurtz, Meet the Kettle and the Pot

When the President of the United States endorses someone, no matter who, that is big news. When former President George and George W. Bush said they would not be endorsing anyone, that was also big news. 

Today, President Obama came out and endorsed Hillary Clinton. It was certainly not a surprise, but still news just the same. MSNBC and other networks aired the entire Obama endorsement video.

Fox News media critic Howard Kurtz weighed in:

Damn right Howie! How dare, MSNBC show favoritism towards a candidate. Now you just know that Fox News would never do such a thing. 


Well, you know, except for that....

OK and maybe that....

Wait! He's not even President and FNC gave him all the time he needed to endorse Trump. this is starting to look bad.

Well, it's not like someone from Fox News is just hanging out with Trump drinking milkshakes? Is it? 

You know what....Howard Kurtz needs to just shut the hell up. He's starting to act like Brian Stelter.