Scripps Names Florida Investigative Reporter

As TV ownership groups try to get more work out of less people, Scripps has found one way to do it. 

The company has announced that one Investigative Reporter will do reporting for all the Scripps stations in Florida. 

WPTV (West Palm Beach) Report Katie LaGrone will now expand her role to work for all of the Scripps Florida stations doing investigative stories.

So along with doing the work for WPTV, she will also report for WFTS in Tampa and WFTX in Ft. Myers.

Since she is now working for 3 stations, we're sure that Scripps tripled her salary at least. OK, maybe not. 
“Investigative journalism is fundamentally important to Scripps,” said Sean McLaughlin, vice president of news for Scripps. “Katie has served the WPTV market well with her investigations and we recognize that the scope of her work has far-reaching benefits for all of Florida. With her new focus she has greater latitude to delve into stories that will get Floridians talking. Katie LaGrone will be the watchdog looking out for those communities.” 

Which begs the question, if "investigative journalism is fundamentally important to Scripps," why not hire one or two top notch Investigative Reporters for each market?

I think the answer to that is that while investigative journalism is fundamentally important, saving money is even more important to Scripps. 

Welcome to TV news in 2016.