Out the Door in Jacksonville

A second high profile Anchor has announced that she is leaving Tegna's WTLV in Jacksonville. 

Back in May, FTVLive told you that main Anchor Shannon Ogden was leaving the station and headed to Denver. 

Now, word comes that Morning Anchor Patty Crosby is also leaving First Coast News.

Crosby announced  she is leaving the station to work for Hospice of Golden Isles in Brunswick.

Crosby said she's been with First Coast News for twenty-some years. "I'm expecting the champagne on Friday guys," she told her co-anchor Lewis Turner and meteorologist Mike Prangley.

"It's a big decision, a big life change, but I'm very excited about it," she said.

In a Facebook video chat she said, "It's time for me to have normal hours where you know I can sleep past 2:30 in the morning." She added, "the timing was right for me, I got a great opportunity."

In April, two other longtime on-air staff members left Frist Coast News. Steve Smith, a meteorologist, and Roger Weeder, a reporter and sometimes-anchor, took the Tegna buyouts. 

H/T Florida Times Union