Yahoo Caught Off Guard by Katie Couric Editing Scandal

It seems that some at Yahoo might be unhappy with their Global News Anchor. 

The NY Post says that news industry veterans are sniping that Yahoo was caught seriously off-guard by Katie Couric’s dodgy editing scandal.

Company insiders reveal that an emergency meeting of senior executives was rapidly convened after it emerged that eight seconds of silence had been added to an interview in her documentary, “Under the Gun” — which she made outside of her Yahoo role — making it seem as if anti-gun-control activists were stumped by a question.

But Yahoo didn’t launch a formal investigation into why their “global anchor” ended up having to publicly apologize for the misleading footage. Couric said in a statement that she had asked director Stephanie Soechtig about why she had inserted the silence, and added, “I regret that those eight seconds were misleading and that I did not raise my initial concerns more vigorously.”

Major network insiders are stunned that Yahoo didn’t hold a postmortem before continuing to publish Couric’s work. 

A different source said Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer expressed support for Couric’s handling of the situation during a recent conference call.