Axe to Swing in South Bend

Although Sinclair is not saying anything, sources tell FTVLive that a number of people are going to get the blade in South Bend. 

Sinclair is buying WSJV in South Bend, from Quincy Media. They already own WSBT in the market, so, there’s some maneuvering that has to be done. The deal will supposedly close by the end of June.

The reason things are being kept so quiet? Many of the folks at WSJV, are not going to be retained and will be losing their jobs. Sinclair wants people to still come to work, so they’re trying to keep it quiet and business as usual. 

Merry Ewing, the VP/GM of WSJV, has already been transferred to Quincy’s WPTA in Ft. Wayne. No word on whether WSJV ND Perry Boxx or WSBT ND John Haferkamp will survive, but you can bet, they won’t need 2 NDs.

Stay tuned....