Is Coop Keeping Corey Away from his Show?

Is Anderson Cooper saying no to former Trump thug Corey Lewandowski being on his show? 

Page Six says that Cooper doesn’t want the former Donald Trump campaign manager on his show.

“Anderson was concerned about Corey’s nondisclosure agreement with Trump,” said a source. “And whether CNN should point out he has one.”

Lewandowski’s legally prevented from criticizing Trump, and CNN technically should announce that to viewers ahead of each appearance.

But, a CNN rep insisted Cooper’s chilly reception to Corey was “not true,” adding that on Tuesday night, “Corey was in fact booked on [Cooper’s show] ‘AC360’ . . . but the panel was bumped due to breaking news out of Turkey.”

Cooper has been one of the few on air staffers at CNN that still seems to care about professionalism, so it will be interesting to see if the Lewandowski blackout holds.

Stay tuned....