Anchor Shakeup in Houston

KHOU is going through a major Anchor shakeup that will impact almost every show. 

Some Anchors are getting promoted, some demoted and some pushed up entirely at the Tegna station. 

Mike McGuff reports on the changes and there are a lot of them. 

Morning show:
Russ Lewis (incoming from KGW Portland) and Lisa Hernandez (moved from evening anchoring)

Rekha Muddaraj will be added (from weekend night anchoring)

Len Cannon and Mia Gradney (moved from and possibly still working evening newscasts)

Weekend mornings and nights:
Ron Trevino (moved from morning anchoring)

Sherry Williams will be moved from weekend morning anchoring to weekday morning reporting full-time. 

Morning Anchor Lily Jang will be a 4pm feature reporter until her contract ends. 

The changes are taking place under new news director Sally Ramirez. No word yet on when the changes take place, but early July is the likely bet.