Best TV Market to Work in - No. 3

FTVLive is spending the day telling you the best TV markets to work in. Each hour we are posting and update, until we reach the top of the list.

It's time to rate the 3rd best TV market to work in and it is Portland.

OK it rains a little much for us, but some tell FTVLive that Portland is like Seattle was 15 years ago. Before Seattle grew too big and got too expensive, it was an awesome TV market. That's kind of where Portland is right now. 

You can still afford to live there working in TV news and it's a solid news town. With plenty to do outside of work and not run over with hipsters like Seattle, Portland might be a good pick for your next job. 

Portland is the 24th TV market and many feel it's the perfect size market to work in. 

Tune in next hour when we give you a look at the No. 2 best market on our list.