The Best and Worst TV Markets to Work In

FTVLive is going to take both Friday and Monday off as we attempt to qualify for the US  Open, which will be held in August at Scioto Country Club in Columbus.

But, FTVLive is not going to leave you with nothing to read.

So on both Friday and Monday we will be uploading a special edition of FTVLive. Many times the special editions are the most popular.

This time FTVLive will look at the 5 best and 5 worst TV markets to work in. We will factor in station ownership, cost of living and housing, things to do outside of work and of course, whether it's a good news town or not.

You might be surprised at both lists and it will surely cause some debate. FTVLive spoke with longtime news veterans, from GM's, News Directors, Anchors, Producers, Reporters and Photographers, along with others. 

On Friday, we will unveil  the 5 best markets to work and on Monday we will give you the worst. 

Stay tuned.....