Best TV Market to Work in - No. 5

FTVLive is spending the day telling you the best TV markets to work in. It's time to kick off the list with the 5th best TV market to work in and we already have a tie. 

Coming in at No. 5 is a tie between Phoenix and Raleigh. 

The Raleigh-Durham is the 25th largest market and has been when of the best markets when it comes to digital. Stations in Raleigh embraced digital long before many other markets and they continue to lead the way often. 

Raleigh is fastest-growing cities in the country and although housing costs have risen over the past few years, you can still find a place to rent or buy at an affordable rate. With  Duke University and the University of North Carolina in the market, you have a good mix of young people and a good night life. 

As for news, while Raleigh is not a hotbed for news, there are a number of good stories being that it is in the Research Triangle. The city is very easy to get around as it is set up on a grid. If you are offered a job in Raleigh, you can expect the pay to be a bit above par with the rest of the industry. 

Tying Raleigh at No. 5 is Phoenix, which is the 12th market. Phoenix is in the sun belt and like all sunbelt stations, it means you will not be paid as well as other markets on each side of it. 

But, they love to say that you are getting paid in sunshine. It's true, the weather is great except for the summer when it is hot as hell. Phoenix also is a good mix of young and old when it comes to population. There is a large hispanic population (at least until Trump gets his wall built) and it is a great news town. Stories are all over the board, from Sheriff Joe, that never met a camera he didn't like to a lot of crime news. 

If you are offered a job in Phoenix, pack your bags and get some sun block, you should like working in the Valley of the Sun.