Life After TV?

Just about everyone that works in TV, wonder if there is life after you leave it. 

David Letterman's former EP says there is and he would recommend it. 

The New York Post reports that Robert Morton — who spent 14 years as an executive producer on David Letterman’s shows on NBC and CBS — has a new career selling houses.

Morty, as he was called, obtained his broker’s license a year ago and is now a real estate agent with Partners Trust in Los Angeles.

“I got tired of the rat race. I want to be with my kids,” Morton said. 

Having always made money buying and selling houses in the Hamptons, LI, and Malibu, Calif., Morton said he was inspired by a friend who left a successful career in the garment industry to develop real estate.

Now Morton’s not only selling Beverly Hills, Calif., mansions, he has the listing for the largest vineyard in Los Angeles County. “I highly recommend midlife career changes,” he said.

But is he homesick?

“I miss New York every minute of every day, but now I’m driving on the PCH [Pacific Coast Highway] looking at the ocean. It’s not so bad.”