It was a Very Slow News Day in KC

We are hitting the time of year when the news seems to slow down and you have to dig a little bit more to find the story. 

Or, you can just report on a guy with a flat tire. 

For two hours, WDAF in Kansas City reported on a motorist stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire.

Two Hours!

The man in a red Mustang was stuck on the side of the highway and for some reason WDAF  traffic reporter Nick Vasos thought this was news. 

Report after report, Vasos reported on the man with a flat tire. Don't ask me, I'm guessing this is big news in KC. 

WDAF News Anchor 

Anchor Mark Alford joined on the coverage, saying: 'I can watch that all day... But we have to do the news.'  

I'm telling you, if this coverage doesn't win an Emmy, then those folks don't know award winning news coverage.

Let's go to the video: