North Carolina GOP Wants Station to Denounce Reporter After Facebook Posts

The North Carolina GOP says that a WRAL Reporter was wrong in her Facebook posts and they are calling for the station to denounce the Reporter. 

WRAL’s Political Reporter and Capitol Bureau Chief Laura Leslie took to social media after the Orlando shooting and the NCGOP believes that she claimed the Republicans were to blame for the horrific terrorist attack in Orlando, Florida. 
“This is not ‘radical Islamic terrorism,’” Leslie wrote on her Facebook page in the immediate aftermath of the Orlando attack that killed 49 victims and injured approximately 50 more. She also asserted the attack had nothing to do with ISIS, and the terrorist “blamed his religion for something he wanted to do anyway,” completely ignoring the evidence of the terrorist’s phone call to 911 pledging allegiance to ISIS," said the NCGOP.
“WRAL/Capital Broadcasting and Ms. Leslie have demonstrated political bias by their continuous failure to seek the truth and expose it. I will not accept or condone this kind of bias, and if they do not denounce Leslie’s actions, I will recommend that our candidates refuse to participate in WRAL sponsored events and activities,”said NCGOP Chairman Robin Hayes.

 Leslie did claim to know exactly what the shooter was thinking in her posts. 

While the FBI is still trying to figure out exactly what happened and why, the WRAL Reporter seems to have it all figured out. 

Also, a Flickr account has been started that show that Leslie is not exactly fair and balanced when it comes to her social media postings. 

It amazing what stations will let their people do and say on social media.