Houston Anchor Enters Guinness Book of World Records

It's not every station that can claim to have a Guinness World Record holder anchoring their newscast. 

But KTRK in Houston can make that claim. 

Longtime Anchor Dave Ward was recognized by Guinness as the longest running local TV news anchor in the world at the same station in the same market.

Ward is just a few months shy of 50 years on the newscast at KTRK. The entry into the record book, reads:

The longest career as a television news broadcaster is 49 years and 218 days, achieved by Dave Ward (USA), who began working on 9 November 1966 and continues anchoring at KTRK-TV, in Houston, Texas, USA, as verified on 2 June 2016.

Ward was hired as a news department reporter and photographer in 1966 and has served as an anchor of the KTRK-TV 6 PM newscast since 1968. Ward is known for beginning every newscast with the phrase, "Good evening, friends."

According to Wikipedia, before Ward, the person who held the record was Ecuadorian news anchor and vice-president of news of Ecuavisa in Quito, Alfonso Espinosa de los Monteros. He set his record back in August 2014. 

Glad that Ward could bring the honor back to the United States where it belongs. 

H/T Mike McGuff