CBS Producer Buys an Assault Rifle

CBS News did a story last night on how easy it was for a Producer, with a clean record, a driver's license, voter ID card to prove residency and a passport to show U.S. Citizenship could buy a gun. 

Tonight CBS is going to show how when the same Producer jumps in pool of water, she gets wet. 

CBS Reporter Kris van Cleave says that after CBS bought the gun it was, "transferred to a federally licensed firearm dealer and weapons instructor, according to Virginia law. Scott, the gun was only in our possession for a couple of hours."

It was a gun, not plutonium, van Cleave acted like if CBS kept the gun any longer, the Producer might start mowing down people on the street. 

The idea that some with the proper documentation, a clean record and some cash can buy a gun is not news. Now, if CBS would have used a convicted felon, or someone on a watch list to buy a gun, the story might have had more on an impact. 

Just saying......