Nexstar CEO Goes Mad

Yesterday, FTVLive told you that CNBC's Jim Cramer was talking about media companies and how they will cash in on the elections. 

Cramer pointed out a number of media companies that would be good investments, but Cramer said that Nexstar was a "wildcard" and because of questions surrounding the Media General merger, it might not be a good investment. 

Nexstar sources say that CEO Perry Sook went ballistic. In fact, Sook hopped on a jet, canceling his entire schedule so he could fly to New York to be on CNBC's Mad Money and paint a pretty picture of the company. 

How pretty of a picture? Sook claimed that the Anchors at the Nexstar stations are the "difference makers" and that the GM's of the Nexstar stations are, "the mayors of the community".

Mayors? Really?

Here is the interview.