And Now It's Gone

Yesterday FTVLive FIRST (as in before anyone else) told you that WPEC Anchor Suzanne Boyd was the winner of the "First to post a Smiling Selfie at the Orlando Shooting Scene." Which won her a story on 

Although Boyd was told by people on Twitter that the smiling selfie was in poor taste, the Anchor stuck by her decision to post it. 

But after FTVLive's story, Boyd pulled the selfie down, although one WPEC insiders says that Boyd was urged by newsroom management to do so.

Other News Managers told crews on the scene not to post selfies (sadly crews have to be told this and can't figure out for themselves why this is a bad idea). 

This is the "ME" generation of Journalism, where no matter how big the story is, it is never bigger than the person telling it. It's nothing close to the way it used to be, but this is the times in which we live. 

Sorry Walter, but that's the way it is on this day in June 2016. 

Millennials, feel free to look up the Walter quote above to see what we're talking about.