Saying Goodbye to the Greatest

Speaking of Brian Williams.....

The now MSNBC Anchor will be heading the coverage for network at the Muhammed Ali funeral today in Louisville.

No word if Williams will talk about the days he knocked out Ali as the two sparred in an empty gym.  

All the networks, cable and broadcast are expected to give coverage to the goodbye to the greatest. On MSNBC's big sisiter, Matt Lauer will preview the funeral from Louisville, Ky., on "Today." Lester Holt will anchor coverage from New York shortly after 2 p.m. ET.

Over at ABC, George Stephanopoulos will anchor special reports from New York on the funeral. CBS will have Scott Pelley in Louisville. 

Fox News will go wall to wall with Shepard Smith.

CNN will cover Donald Trump and maybe throw in some Ali here and there.