The Silent Media Critic

Yesterday, FTVLive reported about the rumors that CNN boss Jeff Zucker spiked the Katie Couric gun story from CNN's Reliable Sources (which at this point is anything but reliable). 

FTVLive wrote, "Zucker and Couric are longtime friends and it appears that Zucker told his water boy (Brian) Stelter not to air the story."

FTVLive reached out to Stelter and he never answered us back. 

He did send out a few tweets, although none directed at FTVLive. He said that CNN was issuing a statement that Zucker did not spike the story. 

CNN is issuing a statement? This is Brian Stelter's show, this guy never shuts up and now he's letting CNN issue the statement. How about Stelter himself saying that he he was never asked, told, or was it implied by someone above him, not to run the Katie Couric story. 

As for Couric's documentary, "Under the Gun," Stelter did say in a tweet that FTVLive was on the string, "we're talking about an obscure, barely-watched film here."

No, we're talking about the credibility and integrity of a former NBC and CBS Anchor that is more well known that any person at CNN. 

Then Stelter claims that he covered the online extensively. 

So why cover a story "about an obscure, barely-watched film here" online, but not on air?

Stelter said he had limited time to cover the Couric story on Reliable Sources.

So, what stories did he cover? He did three segments on Donald Trump and one on how Rush Limbaugh doesn’t matter anymore.

So a story about a guy that doesn't matter anymore, is bigger than a story about Katie Couric and he deceptive editing in a documentary. 

Sources inside CNN tell FTVLive that Stelter was "urged not to run anything on Couric."

Stelter has not commented to FTVLive if that is true, but it sure appears that it is.  

But now Stelter might start giving the story the coverage it deserves, why? Because his big boss (the one above Jeff Zucker) is pay attention to the story. 

By the way, CNN never mentioned the Couric story yesterday at any point. 

I wonder if you replaced Zucker's BFF Katie Couric with Megyn Kelly on this story, what would have happened?

CNN would have broken in to their Trump coverage for sure. 

Just saying....