Equal Time? Forget About It! It's All Trump All the Time

The cable networks have long ago ditched any semblance of fairness and thrown all their chips in the Donald Trump basket. 

Despite the fact that it is more than likely that Hillary Clinton will spend more money on TV ads than Trump, the networks know the Trump circus will bring big ratings. 

A prime example, The NY Times writes that last week, none of the three major cable news networks — CNN, Fox News, or MSNBC — carried Clinton’s speech to a workers’ union in Las Vegas, where she debuted sharp new attack lines against Trump.

Instead, each chose to broadcast a live feed of an empty podium in North Dakota, on a stage where Trump was about to speak.

One problem for the news networks is that Trump will go on any network at anytime, Clinton often shuns the media. 

But, just because you can get Trump anytime you want, does that mean you do it?

The Times says that with interviews, more than a dozen anchors, executives and news producers displayed admiration for Mr. Trump’s facility with their medium. Some expressed a bit of soul-searching, admitting unease at the unfiltered exposure he has received, with one anchor describing frustration about being asked to conduct on-air interviews with Mr. Trump by telephone, rather than in person. But several offered the defense that whatever viewers make of Mr. Trump, he is undoubtedly newsworthy — and always accessible.

Fox News Anchor Bret Baier admits that Trump is able to control the media's message. 

Baier said that Trump’s provocations in interviews and on Twitter seemed designed “to contort the day’s media stories,” adding: “For good, or bad, or however you look at it, he’s been successful at doing that.”

This election will be one that is looked back for years to come, it will also likely be known as the election where the media lost their way. 

They let one guy control them and their seemed more than happy to let it happen.