You would think that if a network Anchor gave the bird, not once but twice, his bosses and co-workers would be pissed at how he embarrassed the network.

But not CNN.

At least according to Page Six, Don Lemon's sour move makes him even more popular inside the cable net. 

Page Six writes that the vulgar gesture has apparently raised Lemon’s profile at the news network. “[CNN Worldwide president] Jeff Zucker likes characters,” explained a TV insider.

After Lemon’s flip-off became an online sensation, “people were asking Don if he should be looking for a new job,” said the source, “But, if anything, Don’s stock has risen.”

The source joked, “Now they only wish that Anderson Cooper could be more fun.”

Yeah why can't Anderson Cooper be more fun and flip off people, or maybe even moon them? That would surely get him a raise from Zucker.