You know...That is YOUR Company (Updated)

The news came down this morning that Nexstar is dumping some stations so it can meet FCC approval on it's deal to acquire the Media General stations. 

Interestingly, Graham Media Holdings bought some of the Nexstar stations. Many thought that Graham was selling stations and not buying. 

WJXT in Jacksonville, which is a Graham station, reported the news on their website. But pay attention to the last paragraph:

It reads, "This bring the number of Graham-owned stations to seven, including WKMG, the CBS affiliate in Orlando, the NBC affiliates in Houston and Detroit, and the KPRC, the ABC affiliate in Houston."

Last we looked, KPRC was an NBC affiliate, not ABC as WJXT reported. We think that they meant to say KSAT, which is a Graham station and is an ABC affiliate. But, it is NOT in Houston, it's in San Antonio.

Which means WJXT, got the call letters wrong, the affiliate wrong and the city in which is was located in wrong. And this in a report about THE company that owns them. If you can't get the information right about your own company, how are we supposed to trust you with the rest of the news? 

Updated: After FTVLive posted the story, WJXT changed the story to include the correct information.  We are still waiting for our "thank you" from the station.