BEWARE! The StormTacker is Coming

WJAX/WFOX in Jacksonville is about to unleash the "First Alert Weather StormTracker" just as hurricane season gets ready to kick off here in Florida. 

To the eye, the StormTracker looks like a jeep, but it will be filled with fancy equipment that has some flashing LED's and have some fancy logos put on it. Then it will move from just a jeep to the  "First Alert Weather StormTracker."

The jeep....errrrr.......StormTracker is still getting some work done down in Tampa, so pretend you don't know anything about it yet. 

We expect the Cox station to be running full, over the top promos very soon. 

After all, hurricane season starts June 1st and you wouldn't dare venture out into a storm without the jeeep.....ummmmm..... "First Alert Weather StormTracker."

Stay tuned....