Stalker Says He's Not Going to Stop Harassing Reporter

In another case of a Stalker and KYW talent....

Christopher Nilan says that he vows to continue harassing a female KYW Reporter (who is not being named) when his probation ends in 15 years.

He says that  he is 'the only one who can protect her'.

Nilan made the promise as he was sentenced for pursuing the journalist. After being warned by the judge that he faces 'significant jail time' if he tries to contact the woman again, Nilan shot back: 'I'm not going to give it up. I want to be with her.'

The Daily Mail writes that Nilan's harassment began back in November last year, The Delaware County Daily Times reports, when he contacted the station and asked to speak with the victim.

He spoke with a male reporter who advised him to look up her contact information on their website, but not satisfied, Nilan wrote him a letter asking for more details, including her phone number.

After several more calls to the station, a female reporter called Nilan back and told him employees do not have relationships with viewers.

According to an affidavit, Nilan insisted he was a 'good guy' and former firefighter and wanted to protect the victim from 'bad guys'.

He was arrested and charged with stalking, but was later charged with stalking and terroristic threats after calling and leaving 'nasty, nasty messages' on the victim's phone, a police spokesman said.

Nilan was jailed for 11 months, to be paroled in five and placed in mental health treatment, before spending three months under house arrest.

Another 15 months will be spent under GPS monitoring, followed by 13 years of probation during which he will not be allowed to contact the victim or her news station. 

Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood said: 'With this type of individual, when their behavior escalates they become a danger to the victim. Stalkers are very, very dangerous.'