Sinclair Denies that it owns West Palm Beach Station

Ok, this one is a bit of a head scratcher....

If you watch WPEC's newscast in West Palm Beach, at the end of the news, a Sinclair logo is shown in the credits.

If you log onto the station's website and scroll to the bottom, you see this: 

But in a court filing, Sinclair's lawyers claim that Sinclair does not own WPEC. 

Say what?!

As FTVLive has been telling you, Sinclair is being sued by longtime WPEC employee Mike Caruso for discrimination.

Caruso, who’s bound to a wheelchair because he is afflicted with spinal muscular atrophy, sued the station after then-new News Director Michael McCormick‘s schedule switch sent him into an antidepressant tailspin.

Sinclair claims in a new filing in a Palm Beach County Circuit Court that, even if Caruso is undeniably a CBS12 video editor, he is not an employee of the corporation that owns CBS12.

In their latest filing, Sinclair's lawyers say, “The defendant (Sinclair) denies that it is the ‘owner and operator’ of WPEC CBS12, and that it is liable to the plaintiff for any claim,” Sinclair’s recent filing reads.

But it was  Mike McCormick, who is Sinclair's corporate News Director, who changed Caruso's schedule making it hard for him to work and still do his physical therapy and other stuff that helps him survive. 

So Sinclair says they own the station on air and online, yet in court they say they don't.

What the hell is up with that?

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