A Gift From the Ratings Gods

On the last day of sweeps, we thought we might make it through the book without a Casey Anthony story.

But, a new claim will have Tot Mom back in the news. 

Gossip Extra writes that a Florida-licensed Dominic Casey, a private eye who worked for West Palm Beach resident Casey Anthony during her murder case is claiming the exonerated baby killer traded oral sex for legal advice.

The headline on the story says it is a "Casey Anthony Shocker", but I'm not sure anyone is shocked by this story at all. 

Dominic Casey also reported hearing a strange exchange between Baez and Anthony after Baez got her out of a scheduled television interview on the night she was bailed out of jail.

So, stations now have another Casey Anthony story they can run with. Who will be the first to land Jose Baez on camera?

Looks like he might have some explaining to do.