Little Rock Reporter Shares Email: I Can't Stand Your Gayness

If a viewer doesn't like a newscast, or an Anchor, or Reporter, there is a simple fix.

Turn the channel!

But, for some reason, viewers think they need to do more, even it it involves sending hate messages. 

That's what KARK Reporter Mitchell McCoy got.

The NY Daily News says that McCoy tweeted the message that popped into his inbox from an unabashed “fan” of the Little Rock television station on Monday after it revealed the viewer’s less-than-adoring opinion of McCoy.

“I watched KARK before you joined and it was reputable broadcast until now,” wrote the unidentified viewer. “I have been holding back for months but I can’t stand your gayness.”

The viewer continued with the rant and pledged to take McCoy — who joined the station in October 2015 — off the air by complaining directly to his boss.

“You are on television every night and our children should not be watching people like you,” the self-described “KARK Channel 4 Fan” said. “Do not be offended but society is not ready for gay men reading news.”

McCoy tweeted the emailer back a message:

He then told others not to let the bullies win.

As for his boss? He's got McCoy's back. "As public figures, our journalists often receive messages from viewers — some good, some bad," KARK news director Austin Kellerman said in an email. "It's part of our profession. Mitch is a great journalist, and we're happy to have him on our team."