Ummmm.....Is that Really a Good Idea?

Remember Michelle Fields?

She was the Reporter that had her arm grabbed by Donald Trump's campaign manager. Fields was working for Breitbart News at the time, but after they didn't believe her story, she left. 

She filed charges against the Trump worker, but they were dropped.

She hasn't been heard from since. 

Well now, the Huffington Post has announced that starting Today, Fields will be working for them. But, where the problem lies is HuffPo says that her job will be covering the election, with her focus on Trump and the GOP. 

Now, can a Reporter that claims she was assaulted by a Trump campaign manager, really cover Trump objectively?

I know that HuffPo is a left leaning publication, but this does nothing to make them look even close to fair. 

Hire Fields if you want, but the last thing she should be covering is Trump.

Just saying.....