The Kelly File Features Least Amount of Female Guests

Last August, Fox News host Megyn Kelly accused Donald Trump of dissing women.

Well, a new study shows that Megyn Kelly does as well. 

When it comes to "The Kelly File" the guest list looks like a sausage factory.

The Hollywood Reporter writes that according to a report on the proportions of male and female analysts on TV. Data collected from Feb. 29 through May 13 reveals Kelly File had the lowest percentage of female analysts (15 percent) compared with five other Fox, CNN and MSNBC shows observed in the study.

Even more, when Trump accused Hillary Clinton of playing "the woman card," Kelly File was one of three shows that featured an all-male panel discussing the remarks. "She doesn't have a lot of guests, but when she does, they tend to be men," says Gina Glantz, founder of GenderAvenger, which conducted the study with the Center for American Women and Politics and the Women's Media Center. "It's a sad reflection of the coverage today."

Fox and Friends wasn't far behind, with just 20% of their guests as female. 

The most fair?

CNN's Anderson Cooper, who just about splits his guest list right down the middle. Coop had 48% of women guest as to opposed to 52%  men. 

So now it appears that Kelly and her new BFF Trump have more in common then people thought.