Ummmm...No One Thinks that Jeff

Donald Trump tweeted out a knock at his own personal cable network the other day. 

Trump who has carte blanche to appear on CNN whenever he wants and even has the phone number to the CNN control room, was most likely just sending the tweet to keep CNN in line. 

CNN boss Jeff Zucker says it proves his network is doing it right. 

“People see everything through the prism that they want to see it. Some people think that we give too much attention to Donald Trump. Some people think that we’re too hard on Donald Trump,” Zucker told TheWrap.

We have news for Mr. Zucker, other than Trump himself, there is NO ONE that thinks CNN has been too hard on Donald Trump.


“We’re covering the story as we see fit. I think much of the attention on the story doesn’t recognize the true strength of our coverage,” Zucker said. know what? Never mind're living in Fatasyland.