The Media Continues to Rollover for Trump

Some viewers thought that Fox host Megyn Kelly went too soft on Trump and did not take him to task for many of the things he said. Other felt Kelly did a great job and nailed the interview with Trump. 

Donald Trump was pleased with his Megyn Kelly interview and in the end, isn't that all that really counts?

Trump has had the media wrapped around his finger since day one. Not many in the press have been willing to stand up to Trump and call him out on his many lies. 

One of those that took Trump on early was Megyn Kelly. It almost seemed as if Kelly was the lone TV Anchor that stood up to Trump. 

Trump called for a boycott of Kelly's Fox News show (her ratings went up), he called her a "bimbo", said she "was on her period", called her "the most overrated anchor on tv", "the worst."

In the end, Kelly folded.

She sulked down to Trump Tower and asked Donald if the two could get along? SHE reached out to the guy that said all those nasty things. Trump won another one against a a no backbone media and just as the general election starts up, he appears to have all the Fox News talent in his back pocket. 

Word is that Trump has mended the fences with FNC big boss Rupert Murdoch as well. He didn't need Fox News in the primary, but he needs them now and it appears he has the network right where he wants them. 

Donald Trump has played the media perfectly and then media seems too stupid to even know it, or too influenced by ratings to care. 

So, it now appears that the Trump boycott of "The Kelly File" is now over, so who's next?

No worries there, Trump runs CNN in anyway he sees fit.

Hell....he even has a number to CNN's control room.