This Beating Brought to you by Fresco News

FTVLive was the FIRST to tell you that the Fox O&O's (AKA The Firm) are basically handing off some of the work by Photographers and Reporters and letting the viewers do it.

The Fox stations are using the App Fresco, that lets the station "assign" stories to viewers top go shoot on their mobile phones. 

Viewers can also take their phones and try and find their own stories that the station might be interested in buying from them.

One viewer in Philly stood by with camera in hand and watched a man beat the crap out of a women in the street. The man could have tried doing something, or even just get on his phone and call 911. But, this viewer was busy using his phone to record the beating and then selling it to WTXF.

Who needs to call for help, when there is money to be made?

Fox Philadelphia ran the story and says that they called police after the viewer sent them the video. 

Here is their story shot by their citizen journalist, that DID NOT use his phone to call police, but to shoot video for the Fox station, which eagerly put on the air.

And they have no problem with this? 

Mark our words, it's just a matter of time before the first Fresco lawsuit.