Who the Hell Cares?

CNN media critic Brian Stelter has sent over 20 tweets in the last day about Facebook controversy. Fox News Media Critic Howard Kurtz has sent out 3 tweets. 

It seems that Facebook may or may not be censoring their "what's trending" box to take out some conservative stories.

Now, I'm willing to bet that 99% of you that use Facebook have never even noticed the what's trending box and if you did, you paid no attention to it. In fact more than a few of you just logged onto your Facebook to see what I'm talking about. 

In between their non-stop Donald Trump coverage, CNN has been going all missing plane on this Facebook story. 

How is this news?

Facebook is a website, they can do what they want and if they want to push the left, so be it. They want to push the right...OK. What is the big deal?

Matt Drudge pushes the right on his site and no one is crying foul. Mother Jones is pushing the left hard on their site, again no is saying a word.

So why is this Facebook story even a story?

Because CNN says it is? 

Where is it written that Facebook has to be a neutral platform and who really cares either way.

This maybe the biggest non-news story I have seen in years.