Megyn Kelly Wants O'Reilly Money

2 days ago, FTVLive told you that Fox News host Megyn Kelly has started her early contract negotiations in the media. 

Using a Vanity Fair article to let Fox News know that she is thinking about leaving the network. 

Now Page Six says that Kelly wants to be paid on par with Bill O'Reilly and is looking for a $6 or $7 million dollar raise to stay at Fox News. 

"Another insider said that Kelly, who reportedly earns up to $9 million a year, could ask for $15 million to put her on par with O’Reilly, who commands between $15 million and $17 million a year," Page Six writes. 

Of course, Kelly is free to look around, but she's dreaming if she thinks she is going to get anywhere near that kind of payday anywhere else but Fox News. 

While the in the media negotiations make for some good copy, FTVLive predicts that Kelly will re-re-sign with Fox News and of course the details of her new salary will not be released. 

But, she deserves a raise, I mean who can be expected to live in a measly $9 million bucks?

I'm sure she must be getting some kind of assistance, you know, just to make ends meet.