Sinclair Station Loses a Round in Court


Back in November, FTVLive told you that WPEC (West Palm Beach) Editor Mike Caruso, who is confined to a wheelchair as he suffers from muscular dystrophy was suing the station. 

Caruso has been at the station for 30+ years and ever since Sinclair took over the station, it seems they want to push Mike and his wheelchair right out the door. 

Caruso says that managers switched the popular video editor’s schedule then refused to accommodate his extreme handicap, according to his lawsuit. 

In December, FTVLive told you that Sinclair was trying to get the case moved from county court to federal court. It's the feeling that federal court is much more corporate friendly and Sinclair will have a better shot of winning the lawsuit.

Sinclair also claimed the station’s headquarters are really in Maryland, not West Palm Beach, the station’s physical address, so the case should be moved to federal court.

It appears that Sinclair lost that round. Judge Kenneth Ryskamp, declined to hear Sinclairs case for moving the lawsuit and it will now continue in a Palm Beach County court, where juries are known to be more prone to siding with employees.

Caruso says he is one of the oldest living atrophy sufferer: the disorder often kills by young adulthood. “Caruso is not asking for any change in his position or a newly tailored position, he is merely requesting a modification of his schedule,” the lawsuit noted.

WPEC News Director Mike McCormick has refused Caruso and his doctor's request for a schedule change. 

Nice guy huh? 

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